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Fiber GEL

The Fiber Gel from BC Nails is the very latest in Gel. It is a Gel to which Fiber Glass particles have been added. This ensures that the Gel is extra strong and therefore stays beautiful longer with a high viscosity. Available in 6 colors. BC Fiber Gel cures in LED and UV.

Benefits BC Fiber Gel:

  • It flows nicely, so that filing is kept to a minimum
  • It prevents lifting and breaks
  • Very suitable for nail extensions for both tip application and with template
  • Ideal for repairing or repairing torn nails
  • Has a thick viscosity
  • Suitable for both advanced and beginners
  • It is UV / LED / CCFL curable
  • No Top Gel needed, Fiber Gel can be polished to a high gloss

Available in the following colors:

  1. Clear Transparent
  2. Blush Pink Transparent with a hint of pink
  3. Natural White Opaque soft natural white
  4. Pure White Opaque muscle white
  5. Cover Salmon Opaque light pink with salmon glow
  6. Cover Pink Opaque deep pink

Use with:

BC Nails 2 in 1 Cleanser Deep cleaner for the nail plate, alcohol based.

BC Nails Bonder Acid free PH balanced liquid for better adhesion to the natural nail, suitable for Gel and Acrylic systems.

BC Nails Glosser A superior high-gloss gel without adhesive but with UV protection. Easy finish, no polishing required.


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