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Cuticle Oil+ 30 ml, 6 Pc Display

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Product description

Cuticle Oil+

Cuticle Oil is a cuticle oil that improves the condition of the cuticles. The cuticle oil also promotes nail growth. The ORLY Cuticle Oil + formula contains orange blossom and wild cherry extracts. These ingredients moisturize the nail and cuticles. The cuticles are repaired and the nails are strengthened.

Improves the condition of the cuticles
Promotes nail growth
The cuticles are hydrated
Nails are repaired and nails are strengthened

Apply a little ORLY Cuticle Oil to the cuticles. Leave it on for a while and gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Then wipe the nails with nail polish remover to make the nails grease free. After this, the nails are ready for further manicure.

With regular use, the cuticles will be in better condition and the nails will be stronger. The cuticles will be hydrated and nail growth promoted.

The Cuticle Oil +, this cuticle oil when used daily, ensures soft cuticles and healthy growth of the nail. Has a soft citrus fragrance. Suitable for dry cuticles. Available in 9ml, 30ml and 118ml.

Conditioned cuticles and enriched with orange blossom and wild cherry extracts, which hydrates, heals and cares for the nail and cuticle. Cuticle OIL + promotes healthy nail growth.

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